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Health care?

If we were to change our conception of what it means to live in a body, we would totally reframe the health care conversation. The violence of our cultural perspective on bodies is reflected in the tone of the “debate”.

There is a cultural self hatred so deep and pervasive that it is unseen. Anything that is physical is viewed as tainted, brutish and un-civilized in our society. We celebrate the life of the mind, and we base our limited physical training on punishment and deprivation.  Benjamin Franklin’s trio of “Healthy. wealthy and wise” has become a solo as we deny the body and cultivate only the shallowest part of material reality.

Our abstraction from nature is a reflection of our remove from physical action and sensation.  The inherent holism of life in a body is ignored for certain parameters that define “health”, parameters that have been chosen by persons who are far less than joyous about an embodied life. Parameters which seem to focus more on finance than wisdom.

From this bizarre vantage point we see a grossly distorted reality. How could we construct a sane discussion on health care when we have no sane connection to our own bodies?


September 3, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Yes, when we are disconnected we become afraid. And the biggest fear seems to be not having enough, as if there is not enough healthcare for everybody to have what they need. Shifting to a perception of abundance and connectedness will not only help us live together as we become more populous, it will shift the healthcare debate towards how to make it happen, rather than if it should.

    Comment by Dancing Heart | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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