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The  Feldenkrais Method. Named after Moshe Feldenkrais, it would possibly be a lot easier if it had a cute marketing name, but it doesn’t. I’ve been asked if I said “Fellows in Christ” and other interesting variations.

Explaining something so radical is tricky, so let’s start with “Why do I do this?” I use it for self healing and for teaching others. For myself, it is a no nonsense way to get detailed information about what I am working on in my life, including my body, my mind and my feelings about both. The specificity of the Method orients me toward physical reality and away from much of my mind chatter. I find I think more clearly and act more resourcefully. It becomes easier to choose mature skills over neurotic habits. I also can flat out do more- more physical creativity, grace and true endurance (as opposed to enduring by ignoring pain, and paying later).

For helping other people, I love the Feldenkrais Method for it’s respect of individuals. The Method is based in inquiry, asking physical and verbal questions, rather than correction. I ask where the resources are, and how they might be integrated, and focus less on the problems and symptoms than is done in other approaches. The results are fabulous, partly from the brilliance of the technique and partly because it leaves people free to learn their own way.

The Feldenkrais Method is remarkably different from anything else. It is not stretching or yoga, not strengthening like weight training or Pilates. It has some similarities to Alexander Technique, but differs in the philosophy of non-correction.

Created from a synthesis of physics and martial arts, characteristics of the Method are gentle, tiny movements, often in carefully arranged positions designed to create non-habitual experiences. The Method takes into account developmental pattens and neurological pathways. The lessons are sometimes little puzzles that teach us to cope using better strategies.

You can see video of me teaching and working with individuals  at


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