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The Pain Behind Obesity

My parents struggled with weight gain. I pay attention, but I stay pretty comfortable. What is the difference? It is not abstinence! I eat, and I love to eat a lot. I drink wine, like to have chocolate, and like to drink more wine, except when I want other things, like pina coladas, mojitos, margaritas, etc. So I am not a Puritan, or even all that moderate.

Here’s what I think is the difference: I don’t hurt as much. I feel good enough to get up and go for a walk, a run, a swim, a bike ride. I can play, and not pay. I have learned how to be active and enjoy it.

If you hurt when you take a step, how much will you walk? If you are uncomfortable being seen, how often will you go to a public pool, or stand in front of a mirror at a dance studio? If it is hard to breathe, what exercise can you even begin?

I believe that most persons struggling with obesity have at times worked hard to improve their lot, but that they did not have sufficient information to succeed. Our society has sports education, rather than person centered physical education. That means we promote a few, and the rest are just left to feel defective.


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