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Left Brain, Right Brain

The concept of brain halves having different modes of thought is pretty common. The idea of dominance of one half affecting personality is used to explain why some of us are more creative and others are more analytic.

Hidden in this discussion are the prejudices of proponents of each side. The Lefties (left hemisphere dominants) favor the sciences and pragmatic reality. The Righties (right hemisphere dominants) favor imagery, creativity and dreams.

Imagine using both. Balance is an old idea. Let’s apply it to the new science.  Whatever one’s dominance, exploring the less developed functions will benefit the person, and the society. As the pace of cultural change has quickened, so has the need for a more fluid intelligence. Skills that are narrow can become obsolete.

Where can one find tools to create this balance? Right at home, inside the experience of one’s own body. By cultivating awareness of physical reality, we are directed into confrontation with the limits of our perspective. Th body is truly part mechanism and part image.  Disciplined examination of one’s function will prove this is so. Inquire within.


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