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Retirement From a Physical Perspective

Most of us have had thoughts about retiring, even if it’s not something we are actively planning. Money is the usual focus, along with a place to live and things to do. Generally ignored is the reality that we will only enjoy being older if we can still function physically.

The financial experts counsel us to create plans to finance our retirement, and some even warn against the potential for health issues to erode those savings. Few mention that investing energy directly in health and function also pays off well as we age.

Money surely helps, but it doesn’t overcome infirmity and the loss of pleasure in life. Great insurance will get you good medicine and a nice wheel chair, but it won’t teach you how to walk, run and dance.

Start now. Just like you begin an IRA, you can begin to improve your relationship with your body. Learn to pay attention and maximize your possibilities. If you can learn to pay the bills and deal with the emotional issues around money, then you can also learn to make better choices and plan for a healthier future.

See this video to get an idea of what is possible when we are older.
The cultural assumptions are changing. Grandpa sitting in the rocking chair has morphed into Grandpa mountain biking with Grandma.

Who wants to spend years sitting around feeling useless and incapable? By creating habits of physical learning and activities that are sustainable, we can improve our quality of life for decades. My recommendations start with the Feldenkrais Method because it suits older adults very well. The learning curve favors the wise and patient, and the low impact movement is safer than most pursuits. Add to that the constant challenge to the mind and the limitless opportunity for improvement at your own pace, and you have an excellent life long practice.


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