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Naked Eyes

To see with the naked eye… That’s my goal. Meaning I want to be able to see accurately and clearly without prescription lenses. I currently wear contacts and glasses for distance (myopia, -5.0 both eyes) and reading (presbyopia +1.25 or so).

I have noticed that my vision varies. My distance vision seems to change slightly from time to time, and every once in a long while, to be incredibly better. My reading vision changes from day to day. Some days I can read fine print with no glasses at a normal distance. The next day I might need my reading glasses. The third day, it may be that nothing will help. Generally,when I read a lot, I get a decay in my reading over the course of a day.

So what is the right prescription for me? I can’t grasp how that could be determined! After 44 years of optical crutches, I am ready to be free to see. I am getting some help.

I started with a vision course I bought on line. I got a bit of progress, but the exercises felt tedious and the progress slow. I did get improvement, but I wanted more and faster. Now I am taking class with Troy Ballard, a natural eyesight teacher who uses the Bates Method.

I practice seeing without glasses as much as I can stand. I wear lenses for work, since I feel I owe my clients the best I can give, and the fuzzy vision hampers my ability to help them. I ride my bicycle and walk and run without corrective lenses. It all seems to help, but I have a long way to go.

More on this as I get changes!


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