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10 quick tips for pain relief

Whatever hurts, it could be better. Try these suggestions and see what improves.

1. Breathe. Paying attention to your breath can bring immediate relief. We tend to restrict our breathing when we feel pain. Allowing more air to flow in and out, and letting that be soft and easy, can make a big difference.

2. Stop levitating. We find ways to hold ourselves up, pulling away from support. Releasing our weight as fully as possible makes everything easier.

3. Slow down. Pain makes fear. Fear makes haste. Haste feeds fear. Fear feeds pain. Deliberately slowing down breaks the cycle.

4. Find the easy way. We can get caught up in struggle, rewarding ourselves for working hard. Pain makes it difficult to think clearly. We do things the hard way, and we suffer. Look for options. Often it is habit that causes injury, not necessity.

5. Be nice to yourself (verbally). Our culture supports the habit of relentless self deprecation. This added irritation aggravates existing pain.

6. No caffeine. It’s a drug. It speeds you up, tightens your muscles, and messes with your coordination.

7. Find quiet. Peace leads to healing.

8. Get support. We are social animals. It is a biological reality, and we suffer when we ignore it.

9. Tell your story. Write it, speak it, dance it. Tell it to yourself and to others. This is part of acceptance. Sharing the story creates context for integration.

10. Reduce fear. This includes stress. Create the safety to heal. When we are hurt is not the time to take on our greatest challenges. Trust that your body is telling you to gather resources and get comfortable, and then you can go forward more powerfully.

I want to acknowledge Candy Conino, PT, GCFP for the inspiration and basic content here.


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