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Your Identity is a Fraud

“You don’t owe your identity anything.” Jenn Stauffler



We all adopt an identity. It exists partly independent of us, as a social construct. Other people help form it. We take it on, and shape it to our desires. Comfort and safety play a big role in how we tailor it.

It is always outdated. It’s a mix of old things, what we call experiences, and old ideas, which we can call hopes and fears.

What we think we want is limited by what we think we can allow into our awareness- without destroying our identity. The identity we shaped to our desires now shapes our desires.

It’s hard to be satified when striving for the wrong things. Compulsion and addiction are based in a simple fact- You can’t get enough of what you don’t really want.

Be gracious. Say thank you. Then leave your identity to fend for itself while you have a life. Don’t worry about being lost with no identitiy. It will catch up with you. It’s a magic snake skin, one you get to wriggle out of over and over. Like a snake you will find that shedding clears your vision and gives you room to move.


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