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Staying connected

I was teaching a movement exploration during an advanced training for massage therapists. They were all successful working practitioners, many extremely intelligent. The material was complex, and some people were intensely challenged.

One of the therapists was struggling, and had backed out of the group. I valued her contributions, and I had a lot of respect for her insights and capabilities. Not wanting to lose her, or for her to miss out, I tried to think of a strategy that would keep her involved- without changing the class for anyone else!

Necessity is the mother of invention, so I improvised. I went near her and quietly spoke these words,

“Find a way to stay connected.”

Not brilliant perhaps, but the best I could muster on the spot. It worked. She solved it for herself. Along the way she taught me that I also could become more resilient, more creative in my learning, and more committed to my own development.

How did she overcome her fears? Honestly, I never asked. She did it, she benefited, and about 15 years later she told me that she chose to continue to live by those words.

We all have moments where we want to withdraw. Withdrawing can be a very good thing. But it also helps to know we have a choice.



Amy Olson and Nancy Carter


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