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Success and Self Knowledge

“We ask: where does it hurt and that may be the question that makes life impossible. Why not ask, where is it comfortable? That is the question to train.” Mia Segal


Shifting the focus away from symptoms can be useful. Pain matters, but it’s not the only thing. Sometimes just that- realizing pain is not the only thing happening- can be a breakthrough.


Finding what is working, what is waiting quietly, what is perhaps forgotten, all these can change how we feel and how we react. Instead of total overwhelm, we begin to recognize capability. This is a shift out of our victim mind set, and into survivor mode.


We can train ourselves. Test pilots are trained to talk through any malfunction. They try one thing after another, talking into a recorder, and often that steady implementation of skills gets them out of the jam.



I would not try jumping off of a cliff in a wingsuit. But I have to admit, there would be lots of instant learning. Fortunately, we can practice that without risking our lives.


Next time something seems uncomfortable try asking yourself what small change you can make first. Then continue that for a number of steps. It’s a skill we can practice.


It lead to both successes, and to self knowledge.


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