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Eliminate Clarity!

My brilliant colleague, Daniela Picard, is whimsical and caring, and has no enthusiasm for clumsy or painful therapies.  Recently, she was speaking on resolving scoliosis. Rather than prescribe a rigid protocol, her words were:

“Eliminate every clarity!”

We tend to think of clarity as desirable. Ambiguity is a gentle form of chaos, and change requires the introduction of chaos. We must question our assumptions, question our habits, question even which questions we form. Deep work demands thorough inquiry.

gfuhsthomeThe questions can be verbal, but I prefer the physical. Try this- try that. Try something spontaneous that allows the unformed voice of the body to emerge. Suspend judgment. Cultivate uncertainty. Expect discomfort- not physical pain, but the awkwardness of unknowing.

Make friends with it.

Let your discomfort tell you about your imbalances. The places where you need to hurry to resolution are the places that you have reason to fear. Improve your awareness in those places, and you will begin to reduce your ambient fear.


Original oil painting by Grant Fuhst. See more of his work at


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